Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association

               GCARA On The Air







    GCARA Repeater

  • GCARA owns and operates a 2 meter repeater (W8DZ) on 145.27 - 600 kHz, Tone 123.0hz The repeater is located in the Colerain Township area North West of Cincinnati and provides coverage throughout the Greater Cincinnati. It is opened to all properly-licensed amateurs.

                        1936 Net

GCARA sponsors a net each week on the 160M band. This net is used to spread information on the GCARA and its activities, on amateur radio and on events that impact amateur radio, to permit participants to share ideas and information, and to provide a means to develop camaraderie. All amateurs are invited to participate in these nets.

The 160M 1936 Net meets every Thursday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on 1.936 MHz. The last Thursday of the year, the GCARA holds an AM Net on 1.936 MHz at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.