founded October 16, 1936
71 years of service to Amateur Radio in Tristate
Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky

GCARA Scholarship

Scholarships are offered each spring to radio amateur members for study at the college level.

Requirements for the GCARA Scholorship are very simple.

• You must be a licensed ham.

• You must be a member of the GCARA

• You must have contributed time and effort to the success of the club.

Contact Rick Burdick, K8WWA, for information.

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Past GCARA Scholarship Recipients

1983        John W. Weiss, WB8KLO

1985        Eugene S. Reilly, KA8JIG / James W. Reilly, KA8TVZ

1986        Margaret R. Niemeyer, KA8PDJ

1989        Dan Grossoehme, N8AFL / William L. Metzger, KE8ZL

1990        Severino I. Alverez, N8KGX                  

1991        Todd A. Henninger, N8INR

1992        Matthew G. Flagler, KB8FIJ / Phillip J. Cole, KB4TEE

1993        Glenn T. Kirby Jr., N8PDA

1995        Ryan E. McCoy, KB8OAU / Scott A. Noschang, KF8NN

1996        Thomas Hale, KD4PFN

1998        Thomas Hale, KD4PFN

2002        Laura Osborne, KI8GG

2003       Anna Kamphaus, KC8DWR / Matt Reising, KB8TCN

2006       Bob Garfield III, W8BOB